We've been helping creators manage, market, and fulfill their Kickstarter projects for 6 years. We've worked on the creation of tabletop RPG games, publishing projects, handmade artisan creations, films, and more. Check out a few of the successful Kickstarters we've helped across the finish line and beyond.

Project Name: Out of the Box: Encounters for 5th Edition
Funding Amount: $256,734/$20,000 minimum funding

We started this client off with a pre-Kickstarter consultation to help them determine the best structure for their project. We modeled potential tiers and stretch goals to get an idea of how various pricing models would look at the expected scale.

We also provided pledge management and post-Kickstarter support. This is one of the most important areas of a successful Kickstarter and one that creators are least equipped to handle.

Our custom pledge management solution let users access their digital files as well as input survey information for fulfillment. The manager also enabled users to late back and instantly access the files included with their tier.

Our post-Kickstarter support included supplying the fulfillment data in the correct format to distributors around the world, including new orders received prior to the official creation of a standalone storefront.

Project Name: Ironsworn: Starforged
Funding Amount: $347,983/$15,000 minimum funding

This tabletop game creator launched their first Kickstarter, excited to bring their newest product to eager customers. The client essentially wanted our help to make sure the end product matched what was promised on Kickstarter.

Our team provided much of the "nuts and bolts" work required to produce a quality product. We handled the less glamorous but essential aspects of running a successful Kickstarter. In short, we allowed the creators to create.

We worked with the printer to narrow down specifications for rewards, including a full-color, hardcover roleplaying game book, a wirebound reference guide, and dry erase cards. We produced fulfillment data that met the requirements of the fulfillment companies. We consulted on the choice of distributor, taking into consideration the level of customer service, available software integration, and, of course, price.

We also created a custom pledge management solution. Their bespoke pledge manager allowed backers to access their digital files and fill out shipping surveys to ensure smooth delivery. It also addressed late-backer issues caused by the VAT changeover. We included the ability for new customers to pre-purchase, if they missed the funding period.

Project Name: Scavenger
Funding Amount: $48,995/$5,000 minimum funding

These creators had a larger, more complex project that they were bringing to Kickstarter and were hoping to avoid common pitfalls. They wanted to deliver a beautiful, high-quality product - a hardcover book with a screen-printed slipcase. They brought us on to make sure everything went as smoothly as possible. Our experience with publishing, manufacturing, and international shipping were key to managing a robust project as it expanded through stretch goals and add-on products.

Further complicating the project, manufacturing and freight shipping took place during COVID-19. Despite the global pandemic, the international supply chain issues, ballooning shipping costs, and changes in the VAT, we were able to work with the manufacturer to get the product created to specification and into the customers' hands.

Project Name: Magic: The Gathering Documentary - Igniting the Spark
Funding Amount: $73,439/$60,000 minimum funding

This client's Kickstarter was to secure funding for a documentary film about the popular collectible card game, Magic: The Gathering. We consulted with them regarding their Kickstarter page content.

The major reward of the project was a physical copy of the film, but the client was able to offer unique rewards available only through the Kickstarter. Some of these rewards included T-shirts with never-before-printed art, custom playmats (signed and unsigned), as well as experiential rewards, like an hour of playing the game with one of the creators.

We worked with the client to find pledge level rewards and prices that allowed backers to get exactly the items they wanted and didn't leave anyone out. While sometimes a lot of add-ons can point to bloat in a Kickstarter, this was a case in which add-ons made sense for the project and potentially spelled its success. This client had enough truly exclusive material to make it work for them.

Project Name: Boxes of Holding
Funding Amount: $6,934/$500 minimum funding

This client was a first-timer to Kickstarter and didn't feel comfortable handling the process on his own. He turned to the Copper Monkey team to help him plan, run, fund, and fulfill a successful project.

We helped steer the project from conception and design all the way through fulfillment. First, based on our knowledge of the existing landscape for tabletop RPG accessories, we used data-driven decision-making to advise on the right products, price points, and target markets for his Kickstarter campaign. Taking the guesswork out of the process, we helped him determine a viable pricing schedule that would both attract supporters and still turn a profit.

Fulfillment can be the scariest part of a Kickstarter, especially if it's your first project. To solve this client's specific needs, we created a custom pledge management platform. The platform allowed backers to customize the dice boxes ordered through Kickstarter and purchase additional boxes as add-ons. It also provided a way for new customers to get in prior to the fulfillment cutoff.